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Below you'll find a few details that I'd like to go over with you before you reserve a shoot date.

For pricing and general information, check out the Your Shoot page.

The deposit:
Booking a photo shoot is a lot like buying a ticket to a show. I’ll make sure nobody else can take your seat, but I need to know that you’re going to show up. A deposit of $200 (that will count toward the balance of your shoot) is due at the time of booking. You can reschedule once as long as you let me know three days in advance.
Are you a grown up?
Being a teenager sucks, I know. If you’re under 18, please have your parent and/or guardian email me ahead of time before booking. My online booking is only for folks 18 and over.
Our goal:
I specialize in actor headshots. I know that may sound super specific to some people, but I’m a specialist. If you need a different kind of shoot (corporate, lifestyle, etc.), please email me before booking through my website.
No audiences, please:
One time, I had a family of ten show up. Having family and friends around is a major distraction (ask me about my stage mom stories). A friend, parent, etc., can drop you off, but while we’re shooting, please tell them hang out somewhere else (there's a Starbucks next door).
The weather:
Some of the images on my website were shot outdoors. The weather has to cooperate for this to be practical. If the weather is not cooperating, we will need to shoot indoors. Tip: If you want to shoot outdoors, try to book no more than four days in advance. Weather forecasts further out than that are unreliable.

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