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Below you'll find a few details that I'd like to go over with you before you reserve a shoot date. For pricing and general information, check out this page.

My speciality:
I specialize in actor headshots. If you're looking for a different kind of shoot (corporate, lifestyle, etc.), please email me before booking through my website just to be sure I can accommodate what you're looking for.
Are you a grown up?
Being a teenager sucks, I know. If you're under 18, please have your parent and/or guardian email me before booking through my website.
No audiences, please:
One time, I had a family of ten show up for a headshot shoot. I'm sure your friends and family are wonderful, but I don't have extra space for them to hang out. More importantly, although they mean well, they always end up being a distraction (ask me about the brother who brought his sister and ended up fighting with her in the middle of the shoot). Much like an acting class, it's best to have them hang out somewhere else while we work (there's a Starbucks next door).
Outdoor shooting:
Some of the images on my website were shot outdoors (solid background shots were indoors). If the weather is not suitable for outdoor shooting, we will need to shoot indoors. Tip: If you want to shoot outdoors, try not to book more than four days in advance so that you can confirm the forecast.
The deposit:
Booking a photo shoot is a lot like buying a ticket to a show. I'll make sure nobody else can take your seat, but I need to know that you're going to show up. A deposit of $200 (that will count toward the balance of your shoot) is due at the time of booking. You can reschedule once as long as you let me know three days in advance.

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